Bruce Beresford, Executive Producer

Bruce Beresford has earned his reputation as a master of contemporary cinema thanks to a talent for versatile, engaging storytelling and a natural gift with actors. He directed his first feature, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, in 1970 and went on to make a series of notable films, including Don’s Party, The Getting of Wisdom, The Club and Breaker Morant. His first film in the United States, Tender Mercies, earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Director in 1984. He also directed Driving Miss Daisy, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1990. Among his many other films are Black Robe, Mr. Johnson, Double Jeopardy, Crimes of the Heart, Paradise Road, Bride of the Wind, Silent Fall, Peace Love & Misunderstanding, and Mao’s Last Dancer. Bruce has also had a distinguished career as a director for opera and theatre.