The Berkshires of Western MA, where Summer was originally set by Edith Wharton, remains a landscape that she would likely recognize – in many places unspoiled, original, wild and earthy – like Charity Royall herself. Here are some of our scouting photographs from around the region:


lenox watershed1007.190 North Adams Main St. 13 North Adams Main St. 1 lenox watershed1007.062 house on rte 22 house on 22 hartsville 6 Greylock cataract FULLER BROOK FALLS cornfield - richmond Cheshire Reservoir Bryant verandah World's end  World's end panorama windsor UMF fog 072708.19 Tyringham back street 2 Tyringham - near church Sky Farm Sky Farm - lower meadow Tyringham main road Tyringham front of church Tyringham church Tyringham cemetery Tyringham back street Race Brook lenox watershed1007.190 lenox watershed1007.062 cornfield - richmond Cheshire Reservoir Bryant verandah hartsville 6 Bash Bish bryant house Ashfield Library Alford House Alford 12 alander mountain fall foliage Ashfield Library