Julianne Hausler, Producer

Julianne Hausler founded the bi-coastal management company New York Office, which handles writers, directors, cinematographers, designers and editors.The company now serves over 100 international clients, from offices in New York and Los Angeles. As a producer, Julianne is developing several feature films with New York Office including Zipper with Writer/Director Mora Stephens and Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures, Three Stories About Joan with Temple Hill Entertainment, The Assembly of Gasping Fish for Writer/Director Eric Metzgar starring Jane Birken, Emily Watson and Brie Larson, and Midnight Sun with Ben Smith and Captivate Entertainment. In addition, she is developing with Oren Moverman and Ben Foster an as yet untitled screen adaptation of the life of seminal 80’s NY artist Keith Haring.